MyCa typeface design, lettering

When asked to design a logo and communication materials for the EU working group Arts Rights Justice, the assignment requested the use of two somewhat similar humanistic typefaces. Calibri, a Microsoft Office typeface and Myriad, shipped with Adobe software. I designed MyCa, a go-between lettering typeface for the logotype. Later I re-used the typeface in a seperate lettering job on the covers of the Res Artis 2015 handbook, books that use Myriad for the bodytexts. The MyCa typeface is not commercially available.

Project information

— Logo, Arts Rights Justice. Client: ARJ Arts Rights Justice, EU working group. Project manager: Lillian Fellmann.

— Covers, Res Artis Artist Residency Handbook 2015. Client: Res Artis, Mark Vennegoor
Project editor: Res Artis, Lillian Fellmann.

 Myriad. Foundry: Adobe Type.
Designers: Robert Slimbach, Carol Twombly.

 MyCa.

 Calibri. Foundry: Microsoft.
Designer: Lucas de Groot.

Covers of the Res Artis Artist Residency Handbook 2015