Kunstwerken & Kunstwerken, production and design

Artistic works of art are always at the center of attention, they are made to stand out. Few pay attention to the civil works of art - culverts, viaducts, sound barriers, bridges. Kunstwerken & Kunstwerken (Artworks and Artworks) bring about change: both types of works of art receive equal attention and are honored with reports, cultural histories and background stories. The book appeared on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the Gelderland Provincial one-percent policy for infrastructure, which reserves one hundredth of the cost of roads and civil works for art. The book exposes thirteen artistic and almost a thousand civil engineering works in Gelderland and puts on view their hidden beauty. I developed this book in collaboration with editor Tijs van den Boomen and Jeannette Sanders.

Project team

Client: The Dutch Province of Gelderland. Projectteam Province Gelderland: Gabriëlle de Nijs Bik, Marten Terpstra (project leader), Hermelinde van XantenInitiator: Marten Terpstra. Concept and development: Pier Taylor (project production and graphic design), Tijs van den Boomen (editor), Jeannette Sanders. Texts: Pauline de Bok, Tijs van den Boomen, Jeroen Boomgaard, Wilfried Lentz, Melle Smets, Wouter Vanstiphout. Final editing: Pauline de Bok. Photography: Dieuwertje Komen. Archive pictures: Tijs van den Boomen, Wiel Verbeet. Desk Top Publishing: Monique Chermin. Printing: Waanders Drukkers, Zwolle. Funding: Eenprocentsregeling beeldende kunst en infrastructuur, provincie Gelderland. Publisher: Province Gelderland / Pier Taylor.