LIMA identity design, corporate communications

Founded by experts from the former NIMk, LIMA is the international platform for sustainable access to media art. With knowledge and passion for both art and technology, these experts are insuring that video, digital and performance artworks can and will be presented now and in the future.

Project team

Client: LIMA. Communication design team LIMA: Gaby Wijers, Sanneke Huisman, Hilde van den Dobbelsteen. Corporate design: Pier Taylor. PR and design consultation: Jarl Schulp. Webdevelopment: Jaap van Kreeft, Pieter van Kemenade. Project ongoing, to date 2012/2017.

Logo design LIMA
The LIMA logo consist out of simple bold lettering and comes in a horizontal and a vertical variant. The vertical variant is more iconic, the horizontal version is more easily read.

The colour purple was chosen to connect communications. The colour has sufficient contrast so printwork can be done in a single colour.

A brochure. The LIMA typeface ‘Colfax’ by Proces Type Foundry is used throughout.

A yearly report.

Design of the LIMA website, user interface and catalog. Also visible are a variety of banners announcing events in the LIMA promotional style.

LIMA maintains and promotes its own media art collection with regular events.

LIMA does research and engages with the media and art conservation field through a whole range of projects.