Connect, Design for an Empathic Society, art-direction and bookdesign

Europe - and, in fact, probably the world - faces the challenge of preventing loneliness and isolation amongst a growing group of senior people. The oldest part of the population is at particular risk of becoming isolated and lonely as they grow older and their work-related networks erode. While working in the field of technology and aging, the authors discovered that there is a whole new field to be explored, namely the phenomenon of connectedness.

Project team:

Client: Waag Society. Authors: Sabine Wildevuur, Dick van Dijk, Anne Äyväri, Mie Bjerre, Thomas Hammer-Jakobsen, Jesper Lund. Copy editor: Joy PhillipsArt direction, graphic design: Pier Taylor, Daniël Melse. Project partner: Copenhagen Living Lab. Funding: Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL JP)Publisher: BIS PublishersPrinted by: IPP Printers.

Excerpt from the book

The front and back cover of the book.

An overview of spreads from the book.

The People Value canvas, a Connect workshop tool.