Dis-/Orientation 1 art direction and bookdesign

Designers, graphic artists, architects, and urban planners are now confronted with the tasks of signage, route management, and information and orientation systems. With this book they can profit from a broad view of phenomena related to disorientation– disorientation in scientific disciplines, in our environments. On the one hand, this should make it possible to benefit from attitudes to the topic derived from experience and to move from confusion to visual reflection. On the other hand, it will enable scholarly disciplines to explore the formation of categories that can move things forward.

Project team:

Client: ZHdK, Design2context. Editors: Ruedi Baur, Vera Baur, Clemens Bellut, Ulrike Felsing, Andrea Gleiniger. Picture captions: Ruedi Baur, Stefanie-Vera Kockot, Clemens Bellut, Andrea Gleiniger, Andres Bosshard, Frank den Oudsten, Zita Bereuter. Selection and editing of the accompanying texts: Ruedi Baur, Stefanie-Vera Kockot, Clemens Bellut. Art Direction: Ruedi Baur, Ulrike Felsing, Pier Taylor, Monya Pletsch. Graphic Design: Ruedi Baur, Pier Taylor, Ulrike Felsing. Image editing: Jürgen Hankeln. Production: Marion Plassmann. Printing and binding: Grafisches Centrum CunoPublisher: Lars Müller Publishers, 2008. ISBN: 978-3-03778-133-3

The excerpts show follow-up pages from different parts the book. Whilst turning the pages the full-page images and accompanying quotes invoke impressions of disorientation.

The visual essay was published to tease, inform and inspire ahead of a series of masterclasses around dis-/orientation. The sequencing of images happened both topically and visually through colour, texture, shapes and the like.

Loose fly-leafs listing types of disorientation textually were tucked in between the pages of the book before being plastic sealed. A competely textual companion book with articles and lectures (and images on fly-leafs) was published after the program ended.

The picture legend foldout, inside the bookcover.